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Lights, cable, and heavy stuff…..

Well, here we are….off and running with a new site. I know, its about time. For the past 10 years or so, my previous one sat there, sadly kind of frozen in time. With that in mind, I have decided to treat this as more of an organic process. I have enjoyed this approach with my photography and image site MDSimages for the past couple of years or so. On the road, strange load-ins, cool events, great locations, silly moments, team challenges, obscure observations, new techniques, gear updates… gosh, there are a million things to tune in for.

As of this post, we are still working out all the kinks on the site. Pierre has been working round the clock, and I can’t thank him enough. We hope to have it all looking purdy within a couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

My post today finds me on location for an event in Denver. No pics yet, except for the twitter update on the iphone. More to see later this week. We are well past the “lights, cable, and heavy stuff” phase of the event. It all starts at that moment when the room is released to the client, the ballroom doors swing open, and in comes all the toys. Eric and his team hit the room hard and fast and had this rig up and tweeked in a day. Then, its time to paint a few scenes of color and texture on the set, a couple of long days of rehearsal, a little bit of tech time, and its show time!

More tk….

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  1. Rajesh says:

    Speaking of getting in tbruole .Who was in the car when the Lyons’ downstate IL third cousins or whatever, came to visit (only time we ever met them) and they yelled oink oink at the Chicago policemen and we had to follow the squad back to the station. Bill, were you driving? Ohmygosh, those country cousins of mine had no idea what it was like to deal with real police, and they felt such a strong identity with being part of the counter culture, when in fact, they were naive about all the unrest between the generations. I was in the car, Tom L was in the car, I think Bill B was driving the station wagon who else?And yes, Ralph tatoos or not, we have to do something to REALLY embarrass the kids.

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